orange bunny sits on bed

How to Care for Small Pets

Consider a small pet that's more affordable and requires less care but is still playful and affectionate. Learn how to care for your small pet and to be a responsible pet owner.
Close up view of a woman holding a fox
Best Foxes to Keep as Pets
Hand holding an iguana
Laws on Exotic Animals for Each State
person holding a tarantula
How to Care for a Pet Tarantula
Itching and Scratching in Rabbits
Potbellied pig
Should You Keep a Potbellied Pig as a Pet?
Gray rabbit sitting outside next to pet bowl with rabbit food
Loss of Appetite in Pet Rabbits
sick pet rabbit
Sickness in Rabbits
Bradypus tridactylus
Should You Keep a Sloth as a Pet?
hermit crab without shell
Shell Evacuation in Hermit Crabs
Hermit crab and a shell on sand
Hermit Crab Molting Signs
Monkey in a cage
Problems With Keeping a Pet Monkey
Guinea Pig Name Ideas
100 Names for Pet Guinea Pigs
Iguana: Species Profile
Fennec fox with long pointed ears standing against wired fence
Should You Keep Fennec Fox (Desert Fox) as a Pet?
pet name ideas for pairs of pets
Name Ideas for Pairs of Pets
The Best Names for Hamsters
100 Names for Pet Hamsters
Black and white goat with tilted head in dry field
64 Name Ideas for Pet Goats and Sheep
Tan and white hamster held in owner's hands closeup
How to Train Your Hamster to Be Tame
Guinea pig with brown and white hair sitting outside on wooden floor
What to Know Before Getting a Pet Guinea Pig
White chinchilla with large gray ears standing in wire cage
How to Care for a Pet Chinchilla
Black and white rabbit sitting on grass with mouth open surrounded by wire fence
10 Sounds That Rabbits Make and What They Mean
Mites in Hedgehogs
Small rabbit on white background
Dealing With Obesity in Rabbits
Cute chinchilla of white color is sitting in its house near to bowl with hay.
Chinchilla Care Guide
African pygmy hedgehog being held
Exotic Pet Names That Start With 'L'
homemade rabbit toys
Homemade Rabbit Toy Ideas From Around the House
pet mouse sitting in someone's hand and eating
How to Care for a Pet Mouse
Syrian hamster in commercial cage
Choosing the Best Cage for Your Syrian Hamster
Black and gray rabbit outside and held up by stomach
How Much Does a Pet Rabbit Cost to Care For?
Sugar glider
Facts About Sugar Gliders
White chinchilla with gray rabbit-like ears standing on wood surface
10 Best Small Rodents to Keep as Pets
Hamster with wheel
How to Stop Your Hamster From Biting
Gray chincilla laying on wooden table closeup
12 Best Exotic Pets for Apartment Living
A red fox cub running in the grass
Should You Keep a Russian Red Fox as a Pet?
Hedgehog in hands
How to Care for a Pet African Pygmy Hedgehog
Sleeping rats
Keeping and Caring for Pet Rats
White mouse in hand
How to Train Your Mouse to Play with You
Gray and black rabbit being rubbed on its stomach
How to Care for a Pet Rabbit
newborn kit
How to Warm up a Cold Baby Bunny
Boy at the veterinarian with a bunny on the exam table
Why Your Pet Rabbit Is Limping
Close up of capybaras in grass by water
Should You Keep a Capybara as a Pet?
Gerbils standing
How to Care for a Pet Gerbil
Prairie Dog
Should You Keep a Prairie Dog as a Pet?
A cute pet ferret in repose
10 Reasons Ferrets Make Good Pets
child holding a pet rat
Capuchin monkey
Should You Keep a Capuchin Monkey as a Pet?
Degu in hands
Should You Keep a Degu as a Pet?
Two kids sitting on a front porch holding white ferrets
How to Care for a Pet Ferret
Mice litter
What to Do If Your Mouse Has Babies
Names for Pet Frogs and Toads
100 Names for Pet Frogs and Toads
Mice Names
100 Names for Your Pet Mouse
Cute chinchilla of brown velvet color is sitting in his house and looking away, side view.
Eye Problems in Chinchillas
Rabbits of different colors lined up
An Overview of Rabbit Fur Colors and Patterns
Black rabbit's eye closeup
Eye Problems in Rabbits
Brown rabbit in cage with water bottle and white litter box on grass lawn
How to Clean a Rabbit Cage
chinchilla dust bath
Chinchilla Dust Baths
Male fiddler crab on wet sand
如何照顾一个宠物Fi吗ddler Crab
Argentine black and white tegu
Exotic Pet Names That Start With "T"
A close-up of a hermit crab
How to Set up a Sand Tank for Pet Hermit Crab
Small axolotl pet walking on bottom of tank in profile
Axolotl (Mexican Walking Fish): Species Profile