How to Care for Pet Rabbits

Learn how properly care for your rabbit and follow our tips and advice for being a responsible rabbit owner.
White lop rabbit sitting over puddle of urine.
Rabbit Urine Color: What Pee Can Tell You About a Rabbit's Health
Velveteen Lop Rabbit in a cage
How to Care for a Velveteen Lop Rabbit
a black and grey silver fox rabbit
How to Care for a Pet Silver Fox Rabbit
Black Havana rabbit lying on carpet.
How to Care for a Havana Rabbit
Adult harlequin rabbit in grass outside.
How to Care for a Pet Harlequin Rabbit
Grey rabbit looking through an open cage door.
Ideas for Making a Homemade Rabbit Cage
Lop-eared rabbit
Seizures in Rabbits
White baby rabbits in a nest
Pregnancy in Rabbits
gray and white lionhead rabbit
How to Care for a Pet Lionhead Rabbit
Gray rabbit sitting outside next to pet bowl with rabbit food
Loss of Appetite in Pet Rabbits
Gray and black rabbit being rubbed on its stomach
How to Care for a Pet Rabbit
Profile of a medium hair grey and white rabbit
43 Rabbit Breeds to Keep as Pets
Rabbit in car
How to Travel With a Rabbit in a Car
Illustration of a bunny in a hutch
8 Free DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans
Black and white rabbit sitting on grass with mouth open surrounded by wire fence
10 Sounds That Rabbits Make and What They Mean
understanding rabbit behavior
Understanding Rabbit Behavior and Body Language
Mother and sons petting a rabbit
5 Kinds of Rabbit Tumors
rabbit at christmas tree
My Adoption Story: A Bunny for the Holidays
Dwarf rabbit with mouth open showing its teeth.
What to Do if Your Rabbit Has Overgrown Teeth
A rabbit with myxomatosis
Myxomatosis in Rabbits
Rabbit poking nose through cage bars
Reasons Why Rabbits Chew and How to Stop It
Close up of a dwarf rabbit
Head Tilt in Rabbits: Causes and Treatment
Pet rabbit gazing out the window
Caring for Rabbits While on Vacation
Mini rex rabbit on the floor
The Joy of Living with Pets
How to Litter Train a Rabbit
Black rabbit's eye closeup
Eye Problems in Rabbits
Lop-eared rabbit
A Guide to Lop Eared Rabbits and Care
Itching and Scratching in Rabbits
homemade rabbit toys
Homemade Rabbit Toy Ideas From Around the House
Soft Furry Rabbits
Tackling a Homemade Indoor Rabbit Cage
Black and gray rabbit outside and held up by stomach
How Much Does a Pet Rabbit Cost to Care For?
Gray rabbit eating carrots with green tops
Safe Wood and Other Plants for Rabbits
Boy at the veterinarian with a bunny on the exam table
Why Your Pet Rabbit Is Limping
Rabbits of different colors lined up
An Overview of Rabbit Fur Colors and Patterns
newborn kit
How to Warm up a Cold Baby Bunny
Black pet rabbit with long and fluffy hair next to toy
How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live?
Rabbit food pebbles in blue bowl and straw laying on wood
What to Feed Pet Rabbits
The little rabbit
Pet Rabbit Housing Giude
Brown rabbit in cage with water bottle and white litter box on grass lawn
How to Clean a Rabbit Cage
Black and white rabbit on examination table at vet's.
The Most Common Rabbit Diseases
Rabbit sitting on grass
How to Treat Rabbit Ileus, a Common GI Disorder
Rabbit in the wild
Can Domesticated Rabbits Survive in the Wild?
Rat laying down curled up
Bumblefoot in Rats
Cute rabbit
How to Make Your Rabbit Stop Digging Your Carpet
Small rabbit on white background
Dealing With Obesity in Rabbits
Pet Rabbit
How to Bunny Proof Your Home
Close-Up Of Rabbit Against White Background
Treating Your Rabbit for Lice
Angora rabbit on straw
Angora Rabbit Breed Profiles
Domestic rabbit sitting in a cage
Reasons Why Rabbits Eat Their Own Poop
Bunny in a wooden flower pot
Pet Rabbit Care Guide
Adorable bunny on the visit to the vet.
How To Trim Rabbit Nails
Brushing Rabbit
Rabbit Grooming
sick pet rabbit
Sickness in Rabbits
Brown Bunny Rabbit Sulking
Rabbit Communication Basics
Close-Up Of Rabbit In A Cage
How to Prevent Rabbits from Getting Hairballs
White Angora rabbit laying down
How to Groom an Angora Rabbit
Close up of sleeping baby gray bunny in hands
At What Age Can I Have My Rabbit Spayed or Neutered?